Saturday, October 30, 2010

Should Games and Animation be Banned from Adults?

Earlier this week, I began to read one of my text books for this month's class, and when I read that there are people out there who would like to banned games, animation, and graphic novels from adults I was shocked!

My question was why?

Why can't adults have the right to have different hobbies, is it because we have to act "matured" and not let our imaginations take over?

Personally, I don't think that would be fair. It's just a part of me and the way I see it, not all animation and games are for kids. Maybe this is something that is not truly accepted in America (are there other countries out there with the same dilemma?), but c'mon, just because some of us like games, animations, and graphic novels, does not mean, we aren't adults. :shakes head in disappointment:

I could go on and on about this, but I won't. One thing I do know is that because of the field I'm trying to get into and because of my own graphic novel I'm trying to bring to life, I am thinking of joining and advocating for my rights. There is no way I will be banned from something I am enjoying or would like to share with others some day in the future. If I get more information on the subject I will definitely link you to it.

About School

Gaaahh!!!!!! Is all I can say....It was a busy, busy week for me. First I had to turned in 10 loglines and that was horrible! I so suck at it :|. But the good news is that our professor mentioned that some professionals out there write loglines for a living, so you know what that means for me! :laughs:

I also had to write a logline for my story, two synopsis (different genres), and a backstory.

It was hectic! but each and every day, I begin to learn and understand more and I love it. :)

Tip: If you are an aspiring writer I definitely suggest writing backstories for your protagonist. Believe me, it makes writing not only the story but the character a lot easier. Besides, knowing where your protagonist came from makes you see where he or she is going to.

Till next time~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loglines and a Thing Called Reading

I started my new class this past Monday and I've been super busy since then. There are a few things I'm working on  that I never thought of before. I mean, I knew there were part of writing stories but I just never made it part of mines.

This week we started with Loglines. You know, those, one to two sentences stating what my story will be about. Here is an example. I must admit, loglines are hard to write! but the good thing was that most of my loglines came from stories I've been playing around with.

Something that helped me when writing the who does what and why? was placing them in 10 different index cards (since I needed 10 loglines).

What else.....

Oh yeah, I just became aware that the novel, My Girlfriend's a Geek just came out in English. I've been thinking of getting the manga but since the novel did come first I am aiming for that :).

I also began to read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman and I must say, so far it's been hilarious! so it's worth checking out! Then again, I'm a big fan of his :laughs:

Well that's all I have for tonight.

Adios! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First Post About School

No one ever said that writing was easy, or that becoming a creative writing student was easier. I've written fanfiction and prose but never in my entire life (so far), ever considered writing a screenplay. That's a whole new world for me. A whole new ballgame!

Did You Know?

  • That a screenplay has to be 120 pages.
  • That a page has to not look crowded.
  • That one has to be able to point out where plot point I and plot point II are.

There is so much that I'm learning that it becomes overwhelming.  I've made some mistakes already but who hasn't right?

What I Learned This Month:

I learned to write and realize the importance of a character full biography. Believe me, the more you get to know your main character, the more alive they become and the more they write the story and not you.

I also was sleep deprived :p. Not fun since I'm a morning person and that means heading to bed early. But no, not this month and I doubt that will happen for a very long time.

And hello :). If you've read this post then nice to meet you.  Monday I start my new class: Multimedia Terms and Genres. I'm excited! :)

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