Tuesday, February 8, 2011

With a Little Perseverance

As I have mentioned previously, my Character Development course was extremely hard, and no matter what I did, somehow it wasn't good enough, or at least, that's how I interpreted my professor's feedback. Now I am well aware that a character's backstory is very important. It's what makes him or her a real person. See, I knew that, but it just wasn't being reflected on my work.

I was getting frustrated and there were times when I thought I would have to retake the course. No joke! But today, after many days of obsessing over my school email, I received an email with my professor's notes on my characters portfolio.

Yes, my heart was thumping and I was thinking the end of the world was approaching, but one thing is certain, I didn't expect what I read.

My professor loved it!

He loved my protagonist backstory and history as well as my antagonist backstory and history. In fact, he felt my antagonist bio was touching.

Gosh, I felt accomplished after reading that.

I guess it's true what they say about not giving up and giving it your all.

Little by little, I feel I'm getting there, wherever there is.

Till Next Time

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