Thursday, December 9, 2010

Research Reports are no Fun

Nothing exciting has happened recently. It's just been a very, eh, class really... Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

This is the second research report I've done within the past two weeks, and it just keeps on coming. I know I will benefit from research and in fact, I have. For example, one thing that had completely slipped my mind were hobbies. I thought I had quite a few, but I didn't think about whether she likes museums or hiking, you know, basic information. But I have learned that basic information is what would make my story credible. :sighs: it's been an off week for me.

But in Other News

 My comic class is great! Our instructor just went over the storytelling structure, which I already know, so it was just fun to hear his perspective. He does want us to create a synopsis about our short story by next Wednesday, so I have been thinking about what to base my story on.

Now, because writers and artists are taking the class together, the short story limit is different, so since I can't draw (even if my life depended on it!) I need to make a 14 page comic script.

This, my dear readers, will be interesting. Especially since I have to juggle school, work, and now these mini-sessions. But I want to learn, so I can't complain!

Till next time.

Happy Writing,


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